Sure, Wonder Woman Is Competent, But Is She Likeable?

Photo by Kristina Paukshtite on

Wonder Woman has proven time and again she is more than capable of stopping forces of evil, but many are wondering if she’s truly likeable enough to lead the world as the next Justice League commander. 

“She lost me with the whole DNA test,” says one middle-aged man. “Yeah, I get she has a bit of Amazonian in her, but she’s mostly Olympian. The way she went about it just rubbed me the wrong way.”

Others worry about her ability to defeat Lex Luthor, his promise to drain the Swamp Thing, and his denial of the existence of Mr. Freeze. 

“I’m a feminist,” one white woman from the suburbs said. “But Catwoman couldn’t beat Luthor in 2016, and I’m worried Wonder Woman can’t either. Though it was probably Catwoman’s relationship with Batman that really hurt her.”

Wonder Woman keeps laying out policy proposal after policy proposal, but the media has focused more attention on the campaigns of Superman, Aquaman, and newcomer Green Lantern. 

“I detailed a comprehensive plan for universal child care so mothers could continue to contribute to society at their fullest potential as the gods intended, but all anyone wanted to talk about that day was Green Lantern squatting on a crash site, flashing his ring,” Wonder Woman told local sources in frustration.

“Yeah, she has superhuman strength, speed and reflexes, and a deep emotional understanding of all creatures, which ultimately aids her in defeating her nemeses,” said another young voter. “But can she win?

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