New Questions To Expect On The 2020 U.S. Census

Under the current Republican administration, the Census Bureau has input dozens of new questions into the 2020 Census and removed several familiar ones from years past. The Census only happens once every ten years, and we don’t want anyone getting caught off guard. This exclusive Census guide offers a sneak peak into what kinds of questions you’ll find in the updated survey. Read on to prepare for when the Census worker comes knocking on your door!

What is your age? We will use this information to determine if your data matters to us or not.

I don’t see race, but for the sake of this survey, select only one of these five options.

Also, are you Hispanic? Because if so your race doesn’t count.

Do you have any children? Are you sure?

Are you gay? Because that’s not allowed this year.

Who did you vote for in the primaries?


Even though there were better options?

No, I’m not judging. I’m just surprised!

Do you think your parents have ever been truly proud of you, or have they just been playing along to humor your minor accomplishments?

Do you believe in God?

But I mean have you ever truly thought about it?

Like have you ever laid on the beach and looked up at the stars with some high school friends and thought, is God with me right now?

And then maybe you guys shared a few deep conversations over a couple of beers someone stole from his dad’s house and stayed up super late just talking, only to end up all going your separate ways once you got to college? But you always think about that night when you look up on a clear, starry evening, and you wonder if your high school friends even remember it, or if it was just an ordinary night to them? Have you ever done that?

Do you own, rent, or just kinda crash in your current residence?

How many bedrooms and bathrooms are in your current residence?

Are all of the bedrooms occupied?

Do you mind if I come in?

No, seriously, me, your census worker, can I come in and see the empty bedroom?

I’m just going to bring in a few bags of stuff, okay? Don’t worry about it. Is there any food in the kitchen that’s not just this weird health food?

Where do we keep the extra toilet paper?

Did you remember to fill out the back of the Census form?

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