10 Super Simple DIY Face Masks For Coronacrafting!

Now that the CDC is recommending all Americans wear non-medical face masks you might be wondering how to make one yourself. Thankfully there are 10 easy masks that anyone can make in their own apartment! Check it out:

1. The Home Schooler:

Stuck at home with the kids? Make an arts & crafts project out of it by using pipecleaners, construction paper, and an industrial-grade air filter to make masks for the whole family!

2. The Chef’s Table:

Are you a foodie? Then consider making your mask out of chopsticks, corn husks, and cheese. (Just don’t use swiss!)

3. The Underwire:

Got a lady in the house? Grab a spare bra, cut it half, and attach some velcro with a hot glue gun. Then apologize for ruining her bra and buy a pair of masks on eBay for $400.

4. The French Connection:

Want to feel “tres chic” while the world crumbles around you? Cut up a box of your favorite La Croix flavor and show the world your inner pamplemousse.

5. The High Life:

Do you live with a pothead? Grab their rolling papers and roll yourself a dank mask using nothing but leftover frozen burritos for glue.

6. The TP Tee-Pee:

Wondering where all the toilet paper went? People are using it to make masks! All you need is some tape and 24 of the cardboard tubes from the middle of the roll (discard the paper). How does this make a mask? I don’t know, but if you keep taping those tubes together I bet you’ll have something fun in no time!

7. The Patrick Bateman:

Have you been quarantined with your roommates for the last three weeks? Channel your inevitable psychotic break when Karen starts re-watching all of The Big Bang Theory for the third time into a crafty project by making a mask from her skin!

8. The Seamstress:

Looking for something simple? This one is easy: All you need is a bandana, a fully-stocked crafts room, and an enchanted loom!

9. The No-Sew:

No crafts room or sewing equipment? No problem! Just take an old t-shirt, a few rubber bands, and then use your 3D printer to create a face mask that can protect you from the coronavirus.

10. The Classic:

If for some reason you don’t have a crafts room or a spare 3D printer, then consider putting together a mask the old fashioned way: By guessing the name of the magic imp Rumplestilskin.


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