Valentine’s Day Gift Tag Messages From Our Delightful See’s Candies Employees

In readiness for Valentine’s Day, we at See’s Candies asked our employees to come up with a romantic message for our special gift tags.

Here are the results (with our comments):

  • Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • I love See’s Candies.
  • See’s Candies are Da Man!
    (Not very romantic!)
  • See’s Candies are my bag, baby!
    (Too Austin Powers!)
  • See’s Candies are my valentine, baby!
    (See above)
  • Happy Valentine’s Day to All You Cat Lovers!
  • I love See’s Candies more than I love my cat.
  • I love my cat more than I love See’s Candies. Although, I really LOVE my cat!
    (Double Uh-oh…)
  • My cat and See’s Candies are about even in the LOVE department.
    (Oh, we get it—a bunch of cat freaks!)
  • Run naked through the streets, scattering rosebuds and See’s Candies.
    (Not what we had in mind!)
  • To win my love, buy me See’s Candies.
  • To win my love, buy me See’s Candies, and like my cat.
    (Not the fucking cat, again!)
  • I will walk to the ends of the earth to buy you a box of See’s Candies AND I will like your cat.
    (We give up!)
  • I will walk to the ends of the earth to buy you a box of See’s Candies AND I will like your cat. Even if it bites me and poops in my sneakers—as it did, last week! Because you are cute, and I feel lustful.
  • A valentine’s kiss should smell of See’s Candies NOT Fancy Feast. So do not kiss your cat!
  • I don’t like cats, but I love my dog AND I love See’s Candies.
    (Oh, good! A DOG!)
  • “The sight of See’s Candies feedeth those in love.”
    (Clever paraphrasing from Shakespeare’s As You Like it, and, THANKFULLY, no mention of cats!)
  • “If See’s Candies be the food of love, eat on.”
    (Clever paraphrasing from Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. Gives license to overindulge, so should appeal to the “Can’t-Stop-At-One-Ers.”)
  • “Shall I compare thee to a See’s Candy?”
    (Clever paraphrasing of Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18. Sweet and romantic. THE BEST SO FAR! Nevertheless, a tad worried about the “lover-as-food” aspect!)
  • What is love but some primordial, cannibalistic food lust? An assorted box of See’s Candies wrapped in pretty paper; each sweetmeat a mere sugar explosion of the senses—soon tempered. Sometimes, you bite into a luscious soft center Dark Raspberry Cream, and, like my disreputable feline, Thomas, enter some libidinous “drool mode.” Other times, it’s a garden-variety nuts-and-chews—and you crack a tooth! Then there are the rest, whether ho-hum or delicious, but still you gorge, until you are sick—gobble, gobble, vomit! Why? Because you are greedy, full of fantasy and whimsy—and are nothing but a fool in love!
    (Aside from the blatant cannibalism, and that it has a fucking cat [pretentiously described as “feline”], how are we going to fit all this claptrap on a 2” x 2” gift tag?)

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