A Samuel Beckett Play Or The Past Year Of COVID?

  1. Reality and absurdity are inextricably linked
  2. So much of it seems to be about waiting for something which never arrives
  3. Time is immeasurable 
  4. You are grimly forced to contemplate the human condition
  5. All of the “characters” seem doomed to repeat their doldrums
  6. There is an underlying comic despair
  7. Life seems to be merely an existence of enduring 
  8. The “action” seems purposefully tedious
  9. “Characters” are imprisoned in their isolated settings
  10. Just as things seem on the verge of concluding, everything starts back at the beginning
  11. When it finally ends you’re relieved, and not entirely sure what just happened

1-11 The plays of Samuel Beckett 

1-10 The past year of COVID *(still waiting for #11)*

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