Less Popular Characters On Nickelodeon’s “PAW Patrol”


This by-the-books pup is focused on one thing and one thing only: taxation. Audit used to be part of a much larger, more robust taskforce before his agency was gutted by Adventure Bay’s conservative canines. Now, Audit spends his days investigating minor discrepancies in tax returns submitted by the town’s poorest, most vulnerable puppies. 

Audit’s catchphrases include: 

“These paws need no instructions when it comes to your deductions!”

“From W4 to 1099, nothing gets past this canine!”

“Unless you’re caucasian, I’ll sniff out your tax evasion!”


If there’s an undocumented canine on the loose, Pound the Hound will accept no excuse. As the director of Animal Control Services, Pound has been chasing down and locking up his own since the early days of Adventure Bay. Installed by humans to be the diverse face of animal control, Pound is relentless in ensuring that no undocumented puppers coexist within Adventure Bay’s borders without proper documentation. 

Pound’s catchphrases include: 

“Woof woof! Cross the border, face law and order!”

“Pound’s got the plan to stop the caravan!” 

“Those pugs steal our wages, so I put ‘em in cages!”


In charge of Adventure Bay’s water supply, Flint is the laid back, easy-going pup of the crew. When Ryder’s got an emergency, Flint’s taking a peanut butter bubble bath. When Adventure Bay is in the midst of a drinking water crisis, Flint’s on vacation in Cancun with his pal Ted Cruz. Because when it comes to fixing uninhabitable living conditions, you can count on Flint to roll over and ask for belly rubs instead. Adorable!

Flint’s catchphrases include:

“No pup’s at fault, now watch me do a somersault!”

“I won’t drink the water, but it’s fine to give some to your daughter!”

“Everything’s fine, don’t believe the fake news headline!”


The team’s tech pup, Patriot, spends most of his days wagging his tail in front of his computer monitor. As part of Adventure Bay’s counterterrorism efforts, Patriot “restricts, intercepts, and obstructs” any threats to national security. From tapping the mayor’s phones to tracking the whereabouts of Ryder’s parents, Patriot is the eyes, ears, and tail of Adventure Bay. And he does it all without nap time (or consent)! 

Patriot’s catchphrases include:

“I clap, you clap, we all clap for wiretaps!”

“Hack and track!”

“Yelling or whispering, Patriot’s always listening!” 


As Chase’s best pal, Pocket serves as Adventure Bay’s district attorney pup. Over the years, Pocket has helped keep Chase and his police canine pals safe from accountability and grumpy activists trying to dismantle the PAW Patrol. With 75% of her campaign contributions coming from Adventure Bay’s police pup unions, it’s safe to say this puppy will be in their pocket, protecting Adventure Bay’s finest for many dog years to come. 

Pocket’s catchphrases include: 

“Two, four, six, eight, prosecuting killer pups will have to wait!”

“Puppy enforcement unity through qualified immunity!”

“Back the blue before you go poo!” 

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