– – Cheryl, I’m glad I reached you. We’ve got a problem.
– – I was just about to call you.
– – Did I leave an envelope?
– – Listen, Charlie, I’ve got a real problem here…
– – Forget about that. I put $100 in an envelope. I cashed that check your mother sent me…
– – Charlie, we’ve got a bigger problem here…
– – I didn’t leave an envelope on the counter, did I?… I’ve checked twice in the car…
– – It’s about Kim, Charlie.
– – I feel awful about misplacing that envelope.
– – Listen, Charlie, we’ve got a real problem here.
– – What’d you mean we?… You’ve heard what I’ve been saying, right?
– – Listen… Kim lost her Blankey.
– – What?
– – Her blanket… You know, her Blankey.
– – Blankey?… She lost Blankey?
– – Right… She’s so upset… I can’t find it anywhere, and nothing I can do seems to help.
– – Blankey, huh?
– – You got it.
– – And here I thought I had problems…

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